Media Center

As the experts in the digital signage industry, D2B Media’s visionary graphic designers work with you to create a compelling campaign that is appropriate for your audience, the venues you choose to advertise in and the information you want to communicate.

Our affordable media-rich advertisements range from flash videos to single static images to text-only messages. Since D2B Media digital signs are meant to seamlessly complement their surroundings, no sound is used when creating the advertisements. This means dynamic images that catch the viewer’s attention are crucial. Our Media Center team excels at developing impactful advertisements that look great whether they are on a 15-inch or 60-inch high-definition screen.

Most neighborhood businesses and community organizations can implement an effective digital display campaign at a rate far cheaper than traditional media outlets. A restaurant can use digital signage to showcase menu information, pricing, nutritional facts, ingredients or mouth-watering photos, while a hotel could use the system to offer information on popular day trips, taxi companies, airplane delays and restaurant discounts.
In order to create the most effective digital advertising message, our in-house graphic design team will work with you, as a partner, to understand your brand, your target audience and what makes you stand out from your competitors. As part of your contract, our talented team will create [number] artwork changes each year so that your campaign is always fresh for your potential customers and relevant to what is happening with your business.

If you are ready to significantly increase the presence you command in your community, contact D2B Media to initiate your complimentary strategy session.

Media Spot Description

Static Spot:

Presentation of single image with no movement or other visual enchancement

Film, or digital video without sound. Creative materials provided by advertiser
TXT SMS Mobile Marketing:

Includes set up of “Keyword”: Web site access for monitoring and communication.
Enhanced Flash Video:

Combines static and moving images and text with multiple transitions and effects